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Arrange financing of debt and equity  for companies for growth, capital, or acquisitions:

  • Analyze, structure, and provide tailored solutions to complex funding challenges

  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt and equity.

  • Advise on optimal financing structures for obtaining new financials.

  • Advise on loan modifications, restructuring and recapitalizations.


Advise real estate companies, other structured credit companies and other financial institutions:

  • Assess the financial condition and operations of the company.

  • Advise on potential mergers and acquisitions.

  • Introduce strategic financial partners and operators.

Provide credit analysis:

  • Commercial asset portfolios

  • Various asset backed and other structured finance portfolios.

Advise on the structuring of investment solutions:

  • Structuring real estate and other investments.

  • We provide a full service menu for clients and counter parties which include company workouts; loan extensions/workouts; loan recovery; collections; servicing; and bankruptcy strategy/representation among others.

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