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Investment Bankers since 1986

Starting in 1986, Curry Company began as a Merchant Banking firm after spending years on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch and in London and the U.S. with Barclays Merchant Bank.  We follow the European tradition of merchant banking, which is investing in transactions for our own account and with others.  

We have raised more than $4.5 billion in capital for a variety of clients including Fortune 1000 companies as well as for our own account.  In the corporate finance arena, we have been involved in cross border mergers and acquisitions for both domestic US companies as well as European firms.  Curry has bought companies and successfully turned them around for sale.  We have also worked with high-net-worth families including the Getty family among others developing and then expanding their hotel company, as well as other enterprises.

In real estate we acquired more than 9,500 apartment units with clients, creating an upside of more than 25% on our investments.  This included premiere properties on the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco to buildings that were in lower income areas, gentrifying many of these neighborhoods we have been involved with.  For the tenants in these areas this generated a pride of belonging to their community that wasn’t present before our ownership.

Our business is founded on three fundamental principles: a strong passion to create profits from our investments; an understanding and respect for risk; and a culture of collaboration.

We are entrepreneurial in nature.  Listening to the conventions of the industry, we particularly value unconventional insight.  As a result of our buying and turning around companies we follow a bootstrap approach in all things.

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